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B + M Henderson now specialise in all aspects of UPVC products from, UPVC Windows, UPVC conservatories and obviously UPVC doors, supplying a large variety of diverse door styles, we are rapidly becoming one of the leading distributors of UPVC products throughout the North West. All of the UPVC doors that are currently in stock, have been manufactured in our own in-house factory, so we are very conscious of the product quality and nothing leaves the warehouse until it has been analysed to ensure that it is a product of top quality. A big aspect of the doors that we design and manufacture, is the level of security and safety that they have been designed to incorporate, each door has been specially fitted with a high security lock, double glazing glass panels, toughened glass and reinforced frames. The beauty of the UPVC doors that B + M Henderson supply is that they have all the attributes of an extremely durable door, but the design and style of the doors make sure that they are an attractive feature and enhance your home. UPVC doors are an exceptional choice for any home as they will never, rot or split and will also supply your home with numerous years of low maintenance and also a defect free service in all kinds of weather. We also have a number of very different styles and colours of doors, so as to match the requirements and needs of all interested parties, giving you many options, including, white, wood grained mahogany and also oak. 

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